An Integrative Literature Review on Leadership and Organizational Readiness for AI


  • Piper Frangos Hult


AI, AI readiness, AI adoption, artificial intelligence, integrative literature review, leadership


Digital transformation is a reality for nearly all organizations today.  Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a critical role in this transformation.  The advent of machine learning and AI forces leaders to re-evaluate what it takes to lead an AI-driven firm successfully. As the scope and applicability of AI aggrandize, traditional leadership needs to evolve and meet the challenges and harness the opportunities this elusive technology presents.  This literature review examines required leadership capabilities and organizational imperatives (beyond technology) for AI readiness and adoption.  Based on literature, a new framework is presented to build on current leadership insights and technology adoption theories. The framework connects required leadership capabilities (agility, vision, engagement, ethics, and digital know-how) and organizational domains (knowledge, competence, and culture) to create a tool for executive leaders to drive AI adoption throughout their firms.   






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