Design and development of a gamified tutorial for iVR serious games




Tutorial, Virtual Reality, Gamification, Serious games, Video games


Serious games, including immersive Virtual Reality (iVR) experiences, can be challenging for players due to their unfamiliar control systems and mechanics. This study focuses on designing a gamified tutorial for iVR serious games that not only teaches iVR interactions but also enhances user enjoyment and engagement. The tutorial consists of progressively challenging mini-games that adapt to the user's performance. Tips and recommendations are provided through a robot avatar if users struggle or make mistakes. An optional narrative is included to enhance user engagement, but it is not mandatory for the iVR experience. Gamification elements, such as point collection and progress updates, are incorporated into the tutorial. It can be played independently or as an introduction to iVR serious games. The goal is to use gamification principles to maintain user engagement and flow while enhancing the learning experience in the virtual world.