Games-Based Learning in Business Management Programmes – a Reflective Analysis of Students’ Experience.


  • Nurun Nahar University of Bolton



Games-based learning constitutes integrating games into learning experiences to create effective learning environments by applying some common characteristics which improve intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Using an exploratory study design and reflexive thematic analysis, this paper shares insights from a research study conducted between September 2021-April 2023, to co-evaluate the effectiveness of a co-created games-based learning application, for formative assessment of learning on a business undergraduate programme. Potential benefits of games-based learning in higher education institutions (HEI) include introduction of a structured rewards system and goals in a fun and focused way into learning that can act as a powerful motivator to enhance engagement and promote participative interaction It offers an alternative opportunity to HEIs to redefine learner experience by re-evaluating contemporary pedagogies.

Findings from this study indicate, application of games-based learning as a pedagogical intervention, can improve learning experience of students on business management programmes by allowing students to take ownership of learning. The co-created application piloted in this study, helped students to recall contents learned and track their performance through instant feedback received upon completion of a game. It also supported students in identifying weaknesses in their grasp of knowledge related to particular topics within a module and motivated them to work on areas of improvements. A key challenge identified by the students was expectation of a variety of games within GBL approaches to keep intrinsically motivated to use such applications for learning.