ARtales: AR Mobile Application Using Transformative Learning Through Aesthetic Experience – First Evaluation


  • Sissy Barakari AKTO Art and Design College
  • Aristotelis Skamagkis AKTO Art and Design College



Augmented reality, Transformative learning, Aesthetic experience, Mobile learning, Museum experience, Game-based learning


Nowadays, the noteworthy growth of digital tools for museums and art spaces enhances and redefines the museum experience. The creation of digital applications that provide meaningful experiences in the art space is a real challenge. Transformative learning theories focus on educational processes that aim for the development of critical thinking while some of them involve the aesthetic experience as a medium that can be exploited. ARtales is an augmented reality mobile application for the National Gallery of Athens visitors which utilizes transformative learning methods through aesthetic experience in an attempt to offer a more substantial and innovating experience in the gallery. More specifically, users asked to discover hidden symbols, uncover hidden objects and live AR experiences related to different subjects/scenarios in the outdoor spaces of the gallery or in their personal place, in order to develop their critical thinking and revisit the artworks in a playful and substantial way. The application also uses a points-based reward system in the direction of gamification. This study refers to the first use and evaluation of the ARtales application by a number of postgraduate students in order to draw conclusions related to the development of the critical thinking and the transformation of the views and perceptions of the participants, the assimilation of the offered information as well as the acquaintance with the artworks. For this purpose, questionnaire-based evaluation and free conversation with the participants was carried out as well. According to the results derived, the first use showed positive acceptance and response. Last but not least, the study gives suggestions for future work and exploitation as well as future pilot implementation which is of major importance in order for the ARtales app to become feasible for a widespread use in the near future.