The Role of Marketing Knowledge Sharing in Building Organizational Immunity


  • Tareq Hashem Isra university



organizational immunity, organizational memory, organizational learning, marketing knowledge


This study aimed to assess the impact of sharing marketing knowledge on attaining organizational immunity in Jordanian industrial corporations using a quantitative methodology. Marketing managers from Jordan's 53 industrial corporations made up the study's population. 40 questionnaires were found to be valid for analysis. The following outcomes have been obtained: The sharing of marketing knowledge influences building organizational immunity in Jordanian industrial corporations. The benefit of marketing knowledge sharing on obtaining organizational immunity in Jordanian industrial corporations is linked to marketing managers' academic qualifications. The following are the researcher's recommendations: Creating unique procedures for assessing economic data relating to the company's operations to foresee any future marketing changes.  In addition to focusing on educating marketing department employees in the art of gathering information about the external environment regularly, to confront and face any marketing changes that may arise in the surrounding environment.