How Sharing Pro-Environmental Knowledge Creates Business Management Processes


  • Małgorzata Łęgowik-Małolepsza Czestochowa University of Technology



sharing knowledge, pro-environmental, business management processes


The study poses a research question: how does sharing pro-environmental knowledge create business management processes? Although pro-environmental knowledge is important for the success of modern enterprises, the literature on the subject does not provide insight into the dynamic processes taking place in the market environment of enterprises, not to mention how pro-environmental knowledge increases the attractiveness of enterprises' offers and allows them to react quickly to changes. Against this background, this study, conducted on a sample of 1,024 enterprises, analyzes the effects of introducing pro-environmental knowledge in the context of creating business management processes. Moreover, this study develops a holistic framework to explain the interactions between pro-environmental knowledge and tailored to the needs and expectations of all employees (Bissing‐Olson, Iyer, Fielding, Zacher, 2013). Observations and the proposed framework shed new light on the understanding and acceptance of the creative role of pro-environmental knowledge in company management by company employees.