A New Framework for Gaining Emotional Health Knowledge Through Virtual Reality-IoT Technology


  • Lázaro Hardy SESI Innovation Center-Florianópolis
  • Diego De Castro
  • Guilherme Agnolin
  • Gabriel Ronney da Silva
  • Marcela Purificação




Knowledge management, Artificial intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Virtual reality, Information management, IoT technology


This work presents a new framework for studying the emotional and physical conditions of workers in Virtual Reality (VR) environments. The framework collects data from simulated virtual environments and helps develop adaptable models for different contexts. It introduces an architecture based on immersion in virtual reality (IVR), focusing on sensory perception, natural actions, narrative engagement, and social features. The author proposes categories to assess the impact of each concept on IVR applications, supported by an artificial intelligence module for data analysis and feedback. The framework also enables the collection of physiological parameters using VR glasses with storage and processing capacity. This facilitates control, performance, and integration with IoT contexts. The primary objective is to identify behavioral patterns for decision-making and employee emotional health management.