Intuition - Knowledge over Management Science: Lessons from the past decades


  • Patrycja Krawczyk Czestochowa University of Technology
  • Patrycja Kokot-Stępień Czestochowa University of Technology (CUT)



bibliometric analysis, intuition, knowledge, management


The subject of intuition in management is interesting and has been discussed for decades. Repositories of scientific publications have in their collections hundreds of publications related to the use of intuition in management. It is necessary and reasonable to summarize the achievements of world science in this area. The best tool to do this will be bibliometric analyse. Bibliometric analysis is a popular method for exploring and analysing large volumes of scientific data but it`s application in business research is relatively new. A review of publications on this subject will indicate the state of this area of research. As part of the research, an analysis of the number of publications and the number of citations, and keywords statistics will be carried out. The database will be Web of Science. Zotero and VOSviever program will be the research tools. The review will be carried out following the methodology and will be divided into 5 stages, comprising: preliminary search, full search and literature acquisition, evaluation of collected documents, synthesis and analysis of results, and summary of results. The results will allow for assessing the research activity and the stage of development of the research in the field of intuition in management. A map of keywords related to the described issue will be created. What is the level of interest of scientists in this subject? Is it growing or going down? It will reliably summarise the current state of knowledge, providing information about gaps in the literature. It can also be a way to identify new research areas.