Knowledge Transfer in Hybrid Organizations: A case study of Smart Energy Community (SEC)


  • Simone Cifolelli University "G. d'Annunzio"
  • Andrea Ziruolo
  • Marco Berardi


Knowledge Management, Knowledge Transfer, Hybrid Organizations, Smart Energy Community


This paper presents a case study on knowledge transfer within hybrid organizations, specifically focusing on a Smart Energy Community (SEC) located in the Italian internal areas. Hybrid organizations, characterized by their blend of for-profit and non-profit motives, play a crucial role in addressing societal challenges while maintaining economic viability. Knowledge transfer, an essential aspect of knowledge management, becomes particularly significant within such organizations, as they navigate the complex terrain of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. By examining the knowledge transfer practices within the SEC, this study aims to uncover valuable insights into the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of knowledge transfer in hybrid organizations. The findings contribute to the understanding of knowledge management in hybrid contexts and provide practical implications for organizations seeking to facilitate effective knowledge transfer. These insights result in the attempt to build up a replicable and transferable knowledge transfer model.