Knowledge Management in Enhancing Organizational Flexibility in Manufacturing Enterprises


  • Anna Lemańska-Majdzik Czestochowa University of Technology



management, knowledge management, organizational flexibility, manufacturing enterprises, Poland


In today's market conditions, enterprises operate in times of uncertainty, constant pressure from competition, increasing quality requirements, and rapidly changing technologies. The speed and intensity of changes mean that enterprises are forced to look for the most effective flexible actions to meet market conditions. The dynamic capabilities of enterprises are reflected in the dimensions of flexibility, which have different speeds and are conditioned in different ways, e.g., through the level of knowledge management in the enterprise. The article is based on the review of international literature using the science mapping method in the area of knowledge management and organizational flexibility, as well as the results of the research conducted on a group of manufacturing companies. The aim of the article is to indicate the level of knowledge management in manufacturing enterprises and its impact on selected dimensions of flexibility in the areas of organizational activity. The study is based on the results of the research on a group of 355 Polish enterprises, which was carried out in 2022. The author's questionnaire was used during the study. The results of the study were the basis for the analysis, which indicated the level of knowledge management and the level of organizational flexibility in manufacturing enterprises. The analysis also made it possible to indicate whether there are dependencies between the level of knowledge management and the level of flexibility in the organizational dimensions of companies' operations. The novelty of the article is the indication of recommendations for the increase in the level of knowledge management in order to enhance the flexible actions necessary in an extremely turbulent organizational environment.