Mediating Role of Knowledge Management in the Relationship between Organizational Memory Building and Human Resource Management


  • Munawwar Najim Islamic University of Gaza
  • Iyad Edajani
  • Fayez Shaldan
  • Safinaz El Sheikh Khalil



Mediating role, knowledge management (KM), organizational memory building (OM), human resource management (HRM)


This paper aims for verify the role of knowledge management as a mediator in the relationship between organizational memory building and human resource management to develop high education institutions into human resource management organizations. In this study, the researchers relied on empirical study to test the relationship between the variables. Therefore, a survey questionnaire was conducted. The study population consisted of faculty members in Palestinian universities, whose number is (7,367) members. The study sample consisted of (360) professors from Palestinian universities. The results show that the mediating variable (KM) affects the dependent variable (HRM) by (0.675); and it is statistically significant at a significance level less than (0.001). Including the independent variable (OM) in the same model, its effect on the dependent variable (HRM) vanished, and the value of the statistical significance became (0.051).

Author Biographies

Fayez Shaldan

Professor of Fundamentals of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza, BA in 1998 from the Islamic University of Gaza

And a master’s study at Yarmouk University in Jordan in 2002, a doctoral study in the fundamentals of education at the University of Jordan in 2005, many administrative positions at the university from deputy dean to head of department, many researches published locally and internationally and participated in many conferences.

Safinaz El Sheikh Khalil

BA in English Language Education - IUG 1999, MA in Educational Administration - IUG 2014, PhD student - the joint program of IUG and Al-Aqsa University in Gaza 2020. An English language teacher from 2003 to 2017. Vice Principal at Secondary School from 2017 to 2020. English superviser at school from 2017 to 2020. superviser for trainee teachers at IUG and Al-Aqsa University , Research assistant at IUG.