How to Implement Knowledge Management in Financial Institutions?

A flowchart for practice (FIGCIF)




Knowledge Management, Knowledge Implementation, Framework, Banking


We developed a framework for implementing knowledge management in financial institutions using a positivist and exploratory approach through qualitative research with 27 professionals in the field. The proposal is innovative due to the lack of structures that combine performance measures, KM pillars, KM processes, critical factors in the implementation and the suggestion of each of the factors according to the maturity level of KM Implementation. A flowchart is proposed for the practical application of the knowledge constructed. FIGCIF supports improvement: in acquiring knowledge resulting from academic work, in increasing tacit knowledge, in formulating instructions and normative manuals to improve understanding and use, in selecting information systems to have the ability to deliver information by through its set of rules and interaction between processes and in the defense of financial investments, aiming to generate confidence in the adoption of KM in banking institutions.