Research on an assessment method : student feedback on video-feedback on mandatory assignments


  • Tone Vold Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Souad Slyman
  • Ole Jørgen Ranglund



mixed-method, formative assessment, video-feedback, learning


At the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway, we have a study programme called Knowledge Management. Here we have tested out video-feedback on mandatory assignments. In order to assess how students perceive this type of feedback. Previous studies show that students value feedback and supervision almost higher than lectures and other learning activities. Feedback and supervision will guide improvement and is thought to support the experienced learning outcome. However, our experiences are that students are mostly concerned whether or not the assignments are approved. Hence, providing targeted feedback may or may not be reflected upon. In order to obtain the students’ attention to the feedback provided, we have tested out video-feedback. The idea is that a video file may make it more personal and thus be perceived as more targeted to their assignment. Through our research we would like to unveil several issues; if it contributes to the students’ learning outcome, if they find it useful, and if they understand how to improve their assignments. In this paper, we will argue for an abductive method towards researching this topic as we will iterate between theory that will enlighten us as we are conducting the study. We chose to view this as a case study and as we are interested in the students’ perceptions, we argue for a qualitative study where we conduct semi-structured interviews, both individually and in groups. We will present the research method in detail as well as our discussion of the appropriateness of this qualitative method.