Research Methods – is Agile different ?


  • Elizaveta Gromova E4 Conferences - Independant Researcher
  • Eduardo Tomé Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias e Universidade de Aveiro GOVCOPP



: The fourth industrial revolution was a radically new round in the evolution of many processes in society, including management processes. The digital revolution has provoked the development of new management models and concepts. Agile manufacturing is one of such managerial production concepts that meets modern challenges and requirements of the business environment. Literature review as a research method plays an important role in the studies. This paper presents a systematic literature review of the papers published in SCOPUS and Web of Science database about agile manufacturing since 2000. Specifically, we aim at analysing the research methods on this very popular topic on the economy and management. We believe that by defining the methods used in the agile field we may understand the nature of the research. It is well known that agile manufacturing methods are meant to be upfront in terms of efficiency, but in this paper we want to make a review on research methods to check how research has been made. Therefore, we believe this research is useful for scientists and practitioners