The Perception Of Host Communities On The Impact Of Tourism In The Jericoacoara Region (Brazil)




Development; , Native; Tourism; Quality of life; Tourism effects


The present study aims to analyze how the natives and ancient residents of the small locality of Jericoacoara, located in the Northeast of Brazil, and recognized as being a spot of an intense tourist movement, evaluate and experience the socioeconomic, cultural and environmental indicators resulting from the tourist activity and what are the impacts for the community and on the life of each resident. It is also intended to evaluate the acuity of the community perception towards the tourism in comparison with the opinions of scholars. Therefore we undertake a detailed presentation of the different theoretical positions regarding tourism and its positive and negative impacts on the host communities, taking in consideration the most varied segments interfering on population's everyday life. To better situate the issue, some of the most significant historical moments of Tourism in the World, in Brazil and in Ceará are highlighted. In relation to Brazil and Ceará, the study was also concerned with describing the main indicators related to tourism, as well as identifying the profile of workers in there´s activity, labor situation, schooling, income, living conditions, public policies of tourism and institutions related to this sector, either in the preservation of the environment or in the protection and defense of the historical and natural heritage, as well as to verify the transformations in the main basic infrastructures: health, education, transport and sanitation. In conclusion, the residents' perceptions about the impacts of the activity are presented. The recognition of the positive effects of tourism on the life of community, its social and economic aspects, are evaluated as well as some negatives effects in their cultural and environmental aspects. Also, a criticism and synthesis of everything that has been discussed is outlined and the key concepts of tourism such as development, quality of life and the encounter of cultures. Some suggestions of action

Author Biographies

António Cardoso, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Bachelor in Marketing (Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e da Empresa);
Degree in Marketing (University Fernando Pessoa);
Master in Design & Marketing (Minho University);
PH. D. Engineering: Management & Design (Minho University).
Associate Professor at University Fernando Pessoa.
Coordinator: Bachehor in Business Sciences UFP), Management and Accounting (UFP); Master in Business Sciences; MBA in Business Sciences; PG in Design and Innovation, PG in kids Marketing.

Jorge Figueiredo, Universidade Lusíada

Professor Auxiliar (Faculdade de Ciências da Economia e da Empresa)

Isabel Oliveira, Universidade Lusíada

 Professora Auxiliar (Faculdade de Ciências da Economia e da Empresa)