Sustainability and social responsibility guide: good practices applied to Municipalities of Portugal


  • Ana Roriz P.Porto
  • Mónica Oliveira



The aim of this study is to examine and present the good strategies and practices of sustainability and social responsibility of municipalities in Portugal. The development of Tourism has gained expressiveness over time, being considered a multidimensional sector, involving many products, services, and strongly contributing to local and national growth. This strong expansion has forced companies to develop a sustainable Tourism policy, articulating natural, cultural, and economic resources in the development of Tourism activities.

The purpose of this research is to present the procedures and processes that lead to sustainability and social responsibility at its best performance that contribute to the brand image of the destination. The main purpose is to create a guide with good practices and new actions that are linked to the conservation and enhancement of the territory. In addition, ensure the protection of animal life, the development of sustainable Tourism, and the creation of innovative institutions that respect the environment, people, and cultures.

In a first stage the good practices that are applied will be identified to integrate these systems into their day-to-day business. The research presented contributes to the growing Knowledge on this topic, and the findings propose a straightforward guide for the public institutions in the Tourism Sector. Further research is endorsed to reinforce the sustainability and social responsibility of municipalities in Portugal and other public sectors.