Brazilian consumer behavior in restaurants during the pandemic: practical implications




Food, pandemic, consumer behavior, restaurants


The Covid-19 pandemic situation brought several challenges to Brazilian consumers, especially in the food and catering sector. For greater control of the pandemic, the Brazilian government has implemented a set of laws and regulations with the aim of containing the spread of the virus. The closure of restaurants, as well as the ban on the sale of food and beverages, led consumers to change their buying habits, as well as the emergence of innovative ways of selling these products to customers. This study aims to identify changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic period in restaurants located in the state of Bahia, Brazil. As for the methodology, quantitative research was used, with the application of an online questionnaire, made available on google forms; we get a final sample of 123 consumers of food and beverages, residents in the state of Bahia. The data obtained by applying the questionnaire revealed some changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic: adaptations in the way of buying and consuming food, as well as a reduction in trips to restaurants due to the increased use of mobile applications in shopping habits and a greater concern with hygiene habits.

Author Biographies

António Cardoso, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Bachelor in Marketing (Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e da Empresa);
Degree in Marketing (University Fernando Pessoa);
Master in Design & Marketing (Minho University);
PH. D. Engineering: Management & Design (Minho University).
Associate Professor at University Fernando Pessoa.
Coordinator: Bachehor in Business Sciences UFP), Management and Accounting (UFP); Master in Business Sciences; MBA in Business Sciences; PG in Design and Innovation, PG in kids Marketing.

Alvaro Cairrão, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

Graduated in Public Relations from University Fernando Pessoa - Porto, graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, Master and PhD in Communication Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Doctorate Scholarship of the FCT. He is currently completing his PhD in ICS at the University of Minho.

Lecturer at several institutions of higher education: Fernando Pessoa University - Porto, Miguel Torga Higher Institute - Coimbra, Superior School of Education and Business School of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (been, since 2018, Marketing and Business Comunication course Coordinator), University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro where he was deputy director of the 1st and 2nd cycles in Communication Sciences) and University Portucalense – Porto.

As a result of research work has as the following scientific production: several scientific articles in national and international journals with and without peer review, as well as pedagogical manuals, e-books and book chapters.

Taise Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

Master in marketing

Sílvia Faria, Universidade Portucalense

Lecturer (since 2003):
IPAM (2003-14); IPVC (2012-13); Universidade Lusófona (2012-14); Universidade de Aveiro (2012-14); ISMAI (2012-2014); ISCAP (2015-...); Universidade Lusíada (2014-2018); Universidade Portucalente (2018-...).