Developing a framework of information governance addressing online health information quality


  • Caihua Liu Sun Yat-sen University
  • Guochao Peng Sun Yat-sen University
  • Shufeng Kong Nanyang Technological University



Online health information, Information quality, Information governance, Systematic review, Delphi method


The adoption of the Internet has increased a large number of users that search for online health information to make healthcare decisions. The quality of these decisions heavily relies on the quality of information identified on the Internet. Prior studies focused on assessing the quality of online health information. Although a few researchers encouraged the use of information governance frameworks to manage the information, while addressing the information quality was not the focus of these frameworks. This paper presents a research protocol that outlines planned steps and procedures of a systematic review and a Delphi method, in order to develop a framework of information governance towards online health information quality. The components in the framework are proposed to be divided into micro, meso and macro levels. Research protocol for establishing the framework has been developed and we have started its implementation. The outcomes of this study will be state-of-the-art of empirical evidence supported to develop an information quality governance framework, establishing links between the components that have received limited attention in the literature. From a practical perspective, the proposed framework will help guide information governance practices from all relevant sectors of society for addressing online health information quality.