The challenges of writing an effective literature review for students and new researchers of business.




 The literature review is a key part of a dissertation or journal paper, yet it is also one of the areas that is often the most challenging. The multidisciplinary nature of business and management studies adds to the demands of writing a critical review by deciding which theories, subject areas and texts to interrogate. There are a number of approaches that students and academics might take in writing a literature review that require a differing approach, resources and timeframe. The purpose of this conference paper is to review the literature and develop an understanding of the complexities and challenges faced both by students and new researchers in preparing journal papers. We share our experience as faculty with teaching and writing at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and identify a number of the problems typically faced. Recent trends with regard to the proliferation of open access journals are outlined, and a journal Editor addresses common mistakes that lead to poor submissions and reviews. A popular business school text is amongst those views considered. Specialist types of software for analysis associated with the complexities of Systematic literature reviews are also outlined. We close with guidelines for success and conclusions. More research is encouraged as students now have fewer opportunities to develop the skills required for critical writing.


Key words:              type of literature review, critical review, systematic reviews, narrative reviews