Antecedents of crowdsourcing in science: scale development and initial testing


  • Regina Lenart-Gansiniec Jagiellonian University



crowdsourcing in science, antecedents, measurement scale


Crowdsourcing in science has become a growing field of research interest. Although the importance of crowdsourcing in science along with its barriers and requirements have been well recognized in the literature, many questions remain open. One of them refers to factors that determine the intention of academics to use crowdsourcing in science. Besides, previous research is held back by the lack of a rigorous measuring instrument. The aim of the article is to identify the antecedents of crowdsourcing in science, as well as the construction and initial testing of the measuring scale. Identifying the antecedents of crowdsourcing in science followed a combined approach, i.e., systematic literature review and nine focus group discussions were used. The process of developing the scale and its initial testing includes a pilot study conducted among 66 researchers. The final scale consists of 38 items covering the five antecedents of crowdsourcing in science.