Technology Audit - Procedure for the assessment of the technological maturity of applied R&D organizations




Applied research and development (R&D) organizations – or research and technology organizations (RTOs) in a broader sense – strive to develop technological solutions that translate results from research and science into state-of-the-art products and services. This can only be achieved if technological resources and competences are effectively and efficiently used to build up competitive advantages. Therefore, the assessment of the technological capability can provide applied R&D organizations with information on strengths and weaknesses in their specific technology areas, on the basis of which technology strategies can be derived to contribute to the development and training of substantial (core) competences, which in turn improve the quality of unique and differentiating products and services.

The main objective of this paper is to describe the technology audit as a procedure for evaluating the technological maturity of applied research organizations. Hence, the focus will be put on the technological capabilities needed to execute the intended research activities on the way to becoming a reference in the respective technology area. In addition, the aim of the application of the procedure is to provide a detailed insight into the working methods of research institutions with focus on the R&D portfolio (e.g. complexity of R&D projects). Furthermore, the sustainable impact of R&D projects of the applied R&D organization (e.g. optimizations of customers processes) will be discussed, as well as the used & developed technologies and the necessary competences to generate innovative solutions for the Brazilian industry.