Communication of Slovak eco-innovation companies with social media users




Social media is widespread worldwide and firmly defined in today's communication. Available resources point to dynamic changes in consumer behavior, to which even ecologically oriented business entities must respond. Therefore, it is appropriate and necessary to look for innovative solutions that will contribute to improving the communication of eco-innovative businesses with their followers on social communication platforms. The aim of the paper is to map and describe the current state of communication of the responded Slovak eco-innovation companies with social media users. The communities that are emerging on social media are the driving force behind today's market environment. Communities can be talked about in connection with the pressure they exert on eco-innovation businesses, entities and other business areas. At the core, the authors focus on the interpretation of partial results from their own pilot survey, which serves as an input survey for mapping the current communication and will be a key basis for subsequent research. The interpreted findings from the survey come from a quantitative survey using a standardized questionnaire, which was answered by a total of 142 respondents, who represent representatives of Slovak eco-innovation business entities. From the author's research, we can define which digital platforms use subjects to communicate with their followers, how often they communicate with them, through what type of contributions and with what frequency they publish contributions. The results indicate reserves in the given issue. For this reason, further research and education of subjects is important. The limits of the investigation are in a smaller number of business entities and in the possibility that business entities did not provide true information. The authors of the article did not come to the conclusion that someone would carry out a similar survey within the Slovak eco-innovation entities, and therefore they point to the results of their own pilot survey. Eco-innovation entities do not currently have information on the communication process with their followers on social media. The authors consider the interpreted results from the pilot survey to be original and necessary due to the absence of marketing statistics, which would subsequently help businesses to set up the right online marketing strategy.