How are Educators Taking the Next Steps in Leadership and Entrepreneurship


  • Antonio Benitez Garcia XJTLU University



EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION, HIgher Education, Entrepreneurship, Management Leadership, LEADERSHIP, university, Action research



How are educators taking the next steps in leadership and entrepreneurship teaching concepts?

In recent years the development of leadership as a concept has taken different meanings in the educational field. The following paper will explain some practical approaches on how this concept it’s been addressed in the classroom and outside in a different environment, as well as the settings of these courses to better equip the students with full understanding on a particular subject.


Entrepreneurship has step up its game in fields that we were not used to see before. These entrepreneurial activities are directly linked with the leadership approach of an organization, start up, or school. Hence the importance of how to dive in into full understanding and delivery of the subject, not only through previous theories and proven concepts in particular organizations, but by the students putting themselves in a position of action, so that they can put in practice the knowledge applied.


The author will examine responses of the students in entrepreneurship and leadership courses, from a University in China, from different majors, where cultural variables may be applicable as well. The study will have a qualitative approach, which will shed some light in the current practices from students and academics approach to the delivery of these subjects, and how to create a better learning environment incorporating theory and action plan, considering their major program and path in their own school curriculum.


This paper aims to develop some understanding of innovative forms and approaches applied in Education, through the way of delivery some of the most important courses like Leadership and Entrepreneurship, since these courses could ultimately be applied to every sector of an industry.


Keywords: Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship, Management, Studies, University, Approaches