The local labour market as a focus of place marketing


  • Lenka Labudová slovak
  • doc. PhDr. Denisa Jánošová, PhD.
  • dr. hab. Zbigniew Widera, prof. UE



Analysing the use of place marketing, in which the labour market is treated as a territorial sub-product, both in the scientific literature and in local government activities, a significant deficiency is to be found. Scientific studies, concentrating on place marketing, point out that its area of interest includes workplaces, but there is little development of this issue. The question arises whether local labour markets should be treated as a territorial product? In the opinion of the authors, in view of the manpower shortage and changes in demographic processes, this area should be one of the centres of attention of local governments in their development processes, because destabilisation of local labour markets threatens their proper development. The aim of this paper is to provide guidelines concerning place marketing in local governments, the product of which is the local labour market. The value of the study and the recommendations derived from it is based on providing a new perspective on the process of place marketing, taking into account an important element for the functioning of local governments' resources, which is the labour market. The research results emphasize the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to place marketing, especially when it comes to the labor market. Instead of treating the labor market as a minor part, local governments should recognize its significance in a holistic manner. The study also highlights the need to learn from marketing practices in economic sectors and how they can enhance local government development. However, it's worth noting that political divisions can hinder marketing efforts, so involving various stakeholders and considering potential drawbacks is essential. Local governments should be involved in creating conditions for the development of their labour markets, and place marketing can be an appropriate tool for this purpose. Designing marketing activities should help to adjust the territorial offer to the needs of potential target groups of customers. Marketing activities towards territorial products are included in the marketing management of local governments, understood as a process of managing a settlement unit with the use of marketing concepts. The implementation of the place marketing concept in management practice is a response to the dynamics of change in the areas where local governments are forced to compete.