Digital Health Challenges in Social Entrepreneurship:

Insights and Best Practices


  • Teresa Dieguez IPCA
  • Leonardo Melo Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave



Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Health, Technological Innovation, Ethical concerns, Leadership profile, Sustainability,


Ensuring dignified care for needy populations worldwide is a collective responsibility that transcends geographical and environmental conditions. Modern entrepreneurs and businesses should incorporate social responsibility into their core objectives and success plans, recognizing the influence of underprivileged communities on their operations. However, not all organizations possess the internal capacity to actively practice social responsibility due to factors such as business type or staff profile. Consequently, many companies support other institutions dedicated to social causes, viewing it as a business opportunity that can yield modest profits. This article presents a case study of, a small company that has devoted 14 years to technological innovation in digital health and has made significant contributions to public healthcare. Their initiatives have had a remarkable impact on the Amazon Rainforest's remote populations, including indigenous communities and river dwellers, facilitating hundreds of thousands of medical consultations annually. The case study aims to understand the main factors that drove's promoters to invest their knowledge in social innovation and how they are proactively building their future. Key aspects explored include the leadership profile of, ethical and sustainability concerns, transparency, and social responsibility. By analyzing these factors, the article highlights the importance of integrating social responsibility into business practices and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through technological innovation in addressing the healthcare needs of underprivileged populations.

Author Biography

Leonardo Melo, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave

Leonardo Melo has a great experience in IT, Health IT, Life Science and medtech (medical devices and diagnostics). Leonard has a Master’s degree in communication systems (Brazil), an MBA in Marketing (Brazil) and is taking a Master's degree in Management for Executives. (Portugal). He is the CEO of an innovative IT Company.