Reassessing the Inhibiting Factors of Entrepreneurship Development in the SME Segment


  • John Amoah KAAF University College
  • Rebecca Kukuwa Odoom Takoradi Technical University
  • Emmanuel Asiedu Yankey Green Gold Ghana, Ghana
  • Paul Baidoo Green Gold Ghana, Ghana
  • Benjamin Aidoo Twyford Ghana, Ghana.



inhibiting factors, entrepreneurship, SME segment, Development


While entrepreneurial barriers within the SME segment remain a germane issue not least, in the milieu that entrepreneurship and SME development contribute a hefty percentage to the global economy, especially in developing countries, little is to date known about barriers to entrepreneurship development and how to overcome it in the SMEs segment. Scholars suggest that knowing the factors that prevent entrepreneurship development is the bedrock of SMEs' growth and sustainability. However, the current study investigates the barriers to entrepreneurship development in the SME segment. The present study deployed articles from reputable scientific databases: Web of Science, Scopus, EHRIPLUS, EBSCO, Google Scholar, etc. to solicit information on the subject matter under discussion using the keywords search. Out of the numerous articles downloaded, thirty-five of them were used by the researchers to achieve the study objective. From the reviewed literature, it is therefore established that factors such as lack of risk-taking capacity, lack of a Strategic Plan, lack of managing finances, and inadequate market experience usually serve as hindrances to the growth and development of SMEs within the scope of developing countries.