The Adoption of Digital Technology in SMEs


  • Anyanitha Distanont Thammasat University
  • Orapan Khongmalai



This research aimed to study the factors affecting the adoption of digital technology in SME entrepreneurs. Questionnaire were used as a tool to collect data from 375 samples of SME entrepreneurs in the northern region. The data were analyzed using the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The results showed that the factors of digital technology adoption among SMEs consisted of 3 main components: (1) technological context, (2) SMEs context, and (3) environment context. Technological context is a key factor contributing to the perceived usefulness of using digital technology. The environmental context is the main factor that contributes to the perceived ease of use of digital technology and lead to the adoption of digital technology by entrepreneurs. The research results can be used as a guideline to promote and support the use of digital technology among Thai SME entrepreneurs to increase their competitiveness in the current business environment and get ready for the digital economy era.