Traditional female cook’s role at tourist inflow traditional markets in Bogotá


  • Karen Beltrán Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - UNIMINUTO
  • Jorge A. Mora Corporación universitaria Minuto de Dios- UNIMINUTO



Beltran also did translation process.


What is the role of female traditional cooks as carriers of culinary knowledge for tourism development in some of the food markets in Bogota? This research analyses the role of the female cook as a carrier of culinary knowledge, determines contributions to gastronomic heritage that allows tourism development and generates resources for tourism use around local gastronomic heritage. Thus, interviews to traditional female cooks were conducted face to face in order to analyse the knowledge they have about Colombian Cuisine, and where they obtain this knowledge from, as well as their perception on gender division of labour on their kitchens. About methodology, a qualitative approach was used, from the action-participation research method with a process that allows a collective learning of their reality.

As a result, traditional cooks are bearers of intangible cultural heritage and are representatives of Colombian cultural identity; most of their culinary knowledge has been obtained in empirical processes due to family tradition or work experience. In conclusion, their role is to keep the recipes intact and teach them to other generations to maintain cultural heritage as living heritage in the gastronomic tourism chain.